Baby Registry Help

Bottles- Start with just a few. Babies are a lot of trial and you may find out that your baby works better with one bottle than another. Just be sure to call support number on the packaging.

Our baby was colic had a lot of gas so we tried everything we could to relieve it. It was after I just happened to call Dr. Browns to ask a question did I find out some very helpful tips about using the bottle. I know, it’s a bottle so how hard can it be, and how dumb must I be to not use it properly. You would be surprised about Baby Bottle Water technology.

Sleep Wear- Zippers are great for sleep clothing and they are so much easier than buttons. Trying to button clothing at 3 am with a crying baby is sometimes frustrating.

You might be thinking the same thing I did, that buttons are great because we only have to open the bottom ones to access their diaper. I’m going to agree its a great point, but even that was more work than just a zipper, and you usually end up unbuttoning many more in order to clean them really well.

Bottle Brush- When you buy a bottle brush keep in mind that you are going to buy many of them. There are ones that cost $7.00 and ones that cost $2.50. It really didn’t make a huge difference because you should be disposing them every so often to make sure they were fresh and germ free. The best ones we found were the ones with the soft sponge on the end as opposed to just bristles which allowed you to get a better contact with the surface area.

Dryer Rack- The First Years Spinning Drying Rack is a great product because it has a lot of space and also you are able to hang smaller items vertically allowing them to dry much better. There are holes in the top which allow you to hang things like the tubes to bottles, syringes if your baby needs medicine, parts to the breast pump that all need to drain properly that you just don’t get with other drying racks that don’t have these vertical slots.

Bath- There are so many different tubs out there, from what looks like a mop bucket to infant spas which have jacuzzi jets and nozzles. Though they look cool these spas are often more trouble than they are worth. With more tubes, and places for the water to circulate means that there are more places for bacteria to form and more things to clean. When you take your baby out to the tub you want to dry them off and get them dressed. You don’t want to have to put your baby down just to clean their bath. A simple tub which is just plastic is great because you just flip it over and let it drain. Not a lot of additional work.

Baby Wipes- Be sure to get unscented wipes because scented wipes have unnecessary agents on them which can irritate the skin.

Mobile- Buy a mobile that is battery operated because you won’t have to go back every five minutes to wind it up and it plays continuously.

Receiving Blankets- You can never have enough. They are used for everything from keeping baby warm, wiping their mouth, or putting under them while changing their diaper. You will not have too many on hand no matter how many you have.